Joakim Stampe

Painting with Time

Painting With Time explore the non-commercial, utopian and cutting-edge performance art of Joakim Stampe (b. 1959). In this extensive survey we encounter an avant-garde artist refusing to embrace the capitalist aesthetics of the marketplace. 

His outstanding intransigeance manifests the very aesthetics of resistance theorized by Peter Weiss, visualizing an ideology of hope, empathy and intellect, of solidarity with the world and its inhabitants. Whether it is in Sweden, China, Italy, USA, Serbia, Mexico, South Korea, Denmark, Spitzbergen or France, we meet an art of context and humanity.

It is an aesthetic resistance articulated in painting and performance, objects and the four elements, formulated as a fusion of opposites, where body and mind, participation and public action, dialogue and psychology are all part of its non-dualist vision. Joakim Stampe proposes a notion of hope and vulnerability that forms a part of our post-pandemic era. In this well illustrated book we come up-close to the artist, his work and history, in an in-depth interview and a theoretical essay written by his brother and curator Jonas Stampe.

ISBN: 978-91-88383-76-1
Första upplagan 2021
Text: Jonas Stampe
Språk: engelska
326 sid. Inbunden. Flexband
Rikt illustrerad i fyrfärg
Ca pris: 350 kr.

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